Employee Drug Tests

Ensure that your business and employees are in compliance with substance abuse through drugs and alcohol testing.

Health Professionals

Experience and knowledge are only two of companies’ many benefits when working with Safepoint Occupational Health Services.

Mobile Health

Safepoint offers a wide variety of mobile health services to help meet the compliance regulations and codes required for your occupation!

A proactive approach to care

Mobile Health Solutions

SafePoint Occupational Health Services provides public and private businesses with on-site occupational health services including drug screening, occupational medicine examinations, employee wellness checks, and more. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, there is no question why we are leaders in our industry.

Testing and Screening

From simple blood tests to Electrocardiogram (EKG), we perform numerous medical screenings and tests for the early detection of diseases and bodily dysfunction.

Certified Medical Examiners

Each of our examiners are properly certified to meet both local and federal compliance guidelines. These medical professionals are reliable, dedicated and willing to go above and beyond the minimum necessary to complete your needs.

Employee Training

SafePoint Occupational Health Services strives to be partners with each of our clients. Our in-depth training and health programs teach our clients to educate their work forces on health and wellness far after our hands-on engagement concludes.


Ready to get started? In just a few clicks, we can be on our way to your office or facility.
Mobile health services have never been this easy!

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